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Right on time for the 100-year company anniversary of TYROLIT, we have revised the existing diamond dry cutting range with regard to product characteristics, user-friendliness and design.

The results are mostly universally applicable tools for all common construction materials. Until late 2020, innovations will continuously be introduced to replace the existing range.

Increased performance by up to 30%

Powerful tools, extremely high cutting speeds and outstanding durability

Compact assortment

Streamlined product palette with solutions for all common construction materials

Innovative and user-friendly

Entirely tailored to current market demands and today’s powerful machines

New look

Re-designed segments, clear labels and updated packaging

Highest product safety

Complete assortment in compliance with OSA and EN13236 regulations

PREMIUM TGD® upgrades

Our reliable TGD® assortment now comes with an even better cutting rate. The upgraded diamond pattern allows for more efficiency, whereas longer segments ensure best performance.

Upgraded PREMIUM segments

The new U-shaped cuts of the conventional dry cutting segments are not only an eye-catcher, but also come with an increased cooling effect. Moreover, the reduced segment surface ensures a higher cutting rate.

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For all-rounders

DCU in TGD® Technology

The upgrade of our top-selling universal disc with even better performance.


The constant companion for those who want to tackle various tasks with one durable disc.

DCE-SILENT in TGD® Technology

Noise-damped and universal: The SILENT version for an all-round application with electric machines.


Gets the job done faster: The high-performing version of our universal classic.

For rock-stars

DCH in TGD® Technology

Rock-solid: THE TGD® disc for cutting hard stone ensures unmatched results.


Cutting-edge: Guarantees clean and break-out-free edges.


Getting there faster with less grinding pressure: The fast cutting version of our professional hard stone disc.

For concrete pros


The first choice for cutting any type of concrete.

For down-to-earth users


Hard-line cutting of asphalt and concrete.

Find your product

The new, clear labelling helps you to quickly find the right disc for your task

Quality line

  • Maximum cutting ability and stock removal rate
  • Above-average lifetime
  • The best work results
  • Maximum economic efficiency
  • Perfect product for every application
  • Use of the most innovative technology and the best raw materials
  • Maximum comfort for the user thanks to low vibration and noise levels
  • Excellent cutting ability and stock removal rate
  • Excellent service life
  • Exceptional work results
  • High level of economic efficiency
  • Large product range - for the most important applications
  • Good cutting ability and stock removal rate
  • Good service life
  • Good work results




Hard Stone

Asphalt & Concrete


Soft Materials

Tiles & Ceramics


Application Overview

Looking for the perfect product for a specific construction material? Find it with our application overview!



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