Active environmental management

Environmental protection is one of the cornerstones of the TYROLIT business model. Positive economic development is inextricably linked to considerate and sustainable use of natural resources. TYROLIT sees environmental protection not as a restriction, but rather as an opportunity. Upon receiving ISO 14001 certification in 1996, TYROLIT took on a pioneering role in this area in Austria a role that TYROLIT takes extremely seriously.

  • Environmental protection is part of our corporate culture. Naturally, TYROLIT meets all legal requirements, but we also go even further by making a conscious effort to continuously improve our voluntary environmental services.
  • Environmental protection creates innovation. For TYROLIT, conscious environmental protection strongly encourages innovation; the basis of every successful company. Considerate use of resources secures our sites and safeguards jobs – and TYROLIT's market leadership.
  • Environmental protection means securing the future. Safeguarding our long-term future without actively protecting the environment is simply not possible. For this reason, environmental protection is one of the key themes in all of TYROLIT's business units.