Sustainability is not an empty word for TYROLIT, it is firmly anchored in the TYROLIT master profile. The company is constantly introducing measures to ensure a positive ecological outcome.



TYROLIT builds on

  • optimising the use of chemical products
  • reducing gas consumption
  • the effect of the solar power system
  • installing a regenerative post combustion system, and
  • constantly improving the rate of recycling waste from production.


2006 TYROLIT was certified as a sustainable company by the "Partnerschaft Nachhaltigkeit und Wirtschaft" (Sustainability and Economy Partnership), which was launched by the Tyrol Regional Council and the Tyrol Chamber of Commerce.

2008 TYROLIT received the "Sustainability Award" from SKF for its sustainable economic activity.

Since 2010 TYROLIT has been a member of "respACT", a company platform for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), responsible social action and sustainable development.

Further information on "Innovations for generations" can be found here.