Welcome to the Tyrolit purchasing department

Our philosophy


As one of the world's leading producers of grinding, cutting, drilling and dressing tools, and a manufacturer of machines for the construction industry, TYROLIT products are characterised by the ultimate in quality and top levels of service. To meet the high quality requirements of our customers, we impose the highest demands on us and our suppliers.

To ensure that we are able to provide our customers with the ultimate in quality, we treat our suppliers fairly and as partners in an atmosphere of trust, transparency and fairness.

Our suppliers are integrated into the internal and external value-added chain of TYROLIT, which extends well beyond a simple evaluation of product quality and economic efficiency.

In addition to quality and innovation, what is of particular importance to us is being able to count on the delivery reliability and flexibility of every one of our suppliers. We see our relationship with our customers and our suppliers as a long-term partnership with a win-win outcome.

A partnership has the advantage that both parties are able to develop together and continuously improve their respective processes. This is based on the premise of similar philosophies and an appreciation of technological progress.

As a production company, TYROLIT is always looking for potential new suppliers around the world. This page provides you with an overview various types of products that we purchase to satisfy our daily production requirements.

  • Conventional abrasives: fused and sintered aluminas, silicon carbides, etc.
  • Ultra-hard abrasives: synthetic diamond, natural diamond, CBN
  • Resins (phenolic, epoxy and PU)
  • Abrasive fiberglass mesh
  • Bonding and filling agents: clays, feldspars, glass frits, pyrite
  • Metal powders: cobalt, pre-alloyed powders, copper, tungsten, tin
  • Blades
  • Cores
  • Metal rings, flanges, foils
  • Various drawing components, such as moulds, etc.
  • Kiln furniture
  • Machinery spare parts
  • Electrical/electronic material
  • Packaging material: cartons, boxes, labels, etc.
  • Operating supplies: various chemicals, technical gases, lubricants, small parts
  • Tools&
  • IT: hardware and software
  • Office equipment
  • Safety at work
  • CI articles, advertising material&
  • Printed matter
  • Plant and machinery
  • Special machinery
  • Energy
  • Waste disposal
  • Cleaning
  • Security services
  • Construction services

Do you supply products and services that might interest us and fit in to our purchasing programme?

If so, apply online on the TYROLIT website using the "Supplier Questionnaire" form. Please send the completed form together with all relevant documentation to purchasing(at)tyrolit.com


Supplier Questionnaire

Our latest purchasing conditions can be downloaded here.

Purchasing conditions

Appendix for machines

Delivery conditions

The respective delivery address is shown on all orders. Please take note as well of the delivery times of each location (see below). Deliveries outside the specified delivery times must be announced and approved in advance. Please make every effort to adhere to this requirement. Costs incurred in the event of non-adherence to delivery times or delivery to an incorrect address will be passed on to the supplier.

Tyrolit Schleifmittelwerke
Swarovski K.G.
Swarovskistraße 33
A-6130 Schwaz

+43 664 82 92 904
+43 664 82 92 759

Delivery time
Mon - Thurs.: 6.30 am - 12 noon / 1 pm - 3.30 pm
Fri: 6.30 am - 12 noon / 1 pm - 2 pm

Receiving Department
Karwendelstraße, 47°20'42.9"N 11°41'59.3"E
A-6130 Schwaz


Google Maps

Tyrolit Schleifmittelwerke
Swarovski K.G.
Werk 5, Dornau 19
A-6135 Stans

+43 664 82 92 736

Delivery time
Mon - Thurs.: 7 am - 12 noon / 1 pm - 3.30 pm
Fri: 7 am - 12 noon / 1 pm - 2 pm

Google Maps

Tyrolit Schleifmittelwerke
Swarovski K.G.

A-6134 Vomp

+43 664 82 92 915
+43 5242 606 2480

Delivery time
Mon - Thurs: 7 am - 3 pm
Fri: 7 am - 2 pm

Google Maps

Shipping documents


Deliveries must be accompanied by properly completed paperwork (but no invoices!), with the full Tyrolit order number clearly visible. If the paperwork is incomplete or incorrect, the delivery will be deemed not to comply with the order and will therefore not be accepted. It will, at the discretion of Tyrolit and at the risk and cost of the supplier, be either stored or returned.



The delivery must be properly packed and also conform to any packaging specifications laid down by Tyrolit. Any losses incurred as a result of non-adherence to these or similar instructions shall be borne by the supplier.

Code of Conduct

TYROLIT is committed to conducting business in a sustainable and responsible manner – in the interest of the company, its staff and the public. The TYROLIT Code of Conduct for Suppliers sets forth the basic principles for supplier conduct when working with TYROLIT. We are committed to these principles and expect our suppliers to share our commitment to ethics, integrity and social responsibility. This is why the Code of Conduct for Suppliers compromise an important component of supplier selection and evaluation.

Download the TYROLIT Code of Conduct for Suppliers here.