EPIC - New Tyrolit profiling tools

In order to meet the demands of fabricators today, Tyrolit has completely redefined Profiling tools

Tyrolit redefines CNC profiling wheels for stone fabrication Tyrolit has revolutionized the production of its CNC profile wheels in order to offer fabricators a boost in performance. Show more Show less

  • Perfect hardness distribution
  • Increased lifetime
  • Ultra High Speed
  • TYROLIT Quality
  • Tyrolit offers a wide range of profiles and diameters:

Diamond Drill

State-of-the-art drilling technologies

Thin-walled, segmented, sintered and electroplated core and dowel drills in various lengths and diameters with a comprehensive range of machine accessories. TYROLIT offers optimum solutions for the drilling of holes with perfect edges - even at high drilling speeds, right from the very first cut. The company's long-standing experience and expertise in the development of diamond tools for drilling applications as well as the use of highly-developed manufacturing technologies ensure the best results. Show more Show less

  • Clean edge quality
  • High drilling speed
  • Long lifetime

Milling Cutters

Sintered and electroplated

Sintered milling cutters for granite and engineered stone, electroplated milling cutters for marble and multiple pass grooving routers for granite or marble.

  • High speed
  • Long lifetime
  • Various bonds available
  • Also available with reinforced base segment for granite.

Recess And Drainboard Tools

Stubbing, polishing wheels and single or multiple pass grooving routers

TYROLIT has developed a complete range of recess tool systems and a variety of tools for drainboard grooving: single router bits, sets of four router bits or a disc system complete with polishing wheels.

  • Various sizes and bonds available
  • Perfect surface
  • Recommended application parameters

Writing, Sculpting And Engraving Tools

For granite, marble and all material types

TYROLIT has a variety of tools made from Widia, PCD, tungsten carbide or sintered diamond to allow you to work on all types of materials, whatever the level of detail required. TYROLIT also offers every type of adapter and accessory imaginable. Show more Show less

  • Effective cutting tools
  • Adapters and accessories available
  • An extensive range of tool holders is available on request
  • Bore reducers supplied free of charge for orders of complete sets