Diamond Wire For Stationary And Quarry Applications

Granite and marble

TYROLIT products cover the entire range of diamond wires for marble and granite, and the patented spring and plastic assembly protects the wire even when the slabs move.

  • Reinforced patented assembly
  • Perfect slab surfaces
  • Pre-sharpened wires for easy starting
  • Available in various diameters

Electroplated Diamond Wire For Quarry And Stationary Applications

Marble and limestone

TYROLIT offers loose or mounted electroplated beads for extremely compact, non-abrasive marble and limestone. Electroplated beads are recommended for fast cutting and block dressing.

  • Spring assembly for dry and wet cutting
  • High cutting speed

Accessories For Diamond Wires

Quarry and stationary

Quarry: Tools and sleeves for wire connections and components for diamond wires with metal springs. Stationary: Tools and sleeves for wire connections.

Diamond Wire For Multiwire Applications

Granite and hard stone

TYROLIT multiwires are supplied either open or as endless loops and have been mechanically sharpened to enable easy starting on all granites. TYROLIT diamond wires can be used to the end of their lifetime without the need for replastification. In order to achieve the best wire performance, TYROLIT recommends compliance with the following guidelines: The minimum block length should be 2.5 m. Check the condition of the multiwire machine regularly, especially the pulley/roller liners. Secure the blocks/slabs to prevent damage to the wires/machine. Alternate the mix of materials as often as possible. Check the condition of the wires after each cut. Identify and alternate the wires in use with the spare wires to ensure a uniform wearing down of the set. Always remove wires from the machine that are not being used to cut blocks. Show more Show less

  • High cutting speed
  • Perfect slab surfaces
  • Replastification not required

Segmented Diamond Saw Blades

Slab cutting

Segmented diamond saw blades for cutting granite, marble, other natural stones and agglomerate. Diameters from 300 to 900 mm. Application: Cross cutting, bridge saws, splitting and masonry saws. TYROLIT possesses a wealth of expertise on all types of stones and knows exactly what the customer requires. TYROLIT therefore offers a comprehensive range of tool solutions for general and specific applications. Show more Show less

  • High cutting speed
  • Long lifetime
  • No chipping

Saw Blades With A Large Diameter

Block cutting

Segmented diamond saw blades for all types of granite, marble and natural stone. The saw blades are used in machines with single or multiple discs to cut blocks into slabs or strips. Diameters from 900 to 3500 mm. TYROLIT's expertise allows you to make right decisions, particularly when faced with complex tasks. Saw blades with diameters of 1300 mm and above usually consist of segments in a multi-layer design, which have been specifically developed to ensure high cutting speeds even with less powerful machines. The highly efficient bond systems combined with high diamond grit quality result in a cost-effective cut and optimum usage of the tool and machine-tool output. Show more Show less

  • Extremely clean, precise cut
  • Specifications for a long lifetime and high speed
  • Easy cutting of hard granites
  • Uniform segment wear
  • Improved price-performance ratio

Diamond Gang Saw Blades

Marble cutting on single and multiblade frames

Marble, limestone and composite material blocks can be cut into slabs with different thicknesses or into square blocks using the diamond gang saw blades. TYROLIT engineers advise customers on the correct installation of the tools on the machine and during first-time use to ensure optimum efficiency. Show more Show less

  • High cutting speed
  • Various segments available
  • Various steel cores
  • Extremely clean, precise cut
  • Specific solutions for all cutting requirements