Peripheral Grinding Wheels For Squaring

Segmented or continuous rim

Diamond peripheral grinding wheels for squaring ceramic tiles. Segmented with resin filling or designed with a continuous rim. Diameter: 320 mm.

  • High stock removal rate
  • Good edge grinding
  • Various grits available

Resin Bond Cup Wheels For Squaring

Continuous or slotted rim

Resin bond diamond cup wheels for squaring ceramic and granite tiles. 250 mm and 300 mm diameters for use in all types of machines.

  • High working speed
  • Long lifetime
  • Various bonds and grits available
  • Geometry with double band available

Cup Wheels For Chamfering

Metal and resin bond

Diamond cup wheels for chamfering ceramic, granite and marble tiles. 130 mm and 150 mm diameters with different rim sizes to achieve the desired chamfering results for all tile sizes.

  • High speed, low noise
  • Smooth, chip-free surfaces
  • Various bonds and grits available
  • Specifications for all materials