Application technology

Successful enterprises expect not only top products from their partners, but also process know-how and a programme of comprehensive support for their individual requirements.

Concentrating on the production and supply of top-quality tools is no longer sufficient. Good “software” has to be offered alongside the “hardware”. With the wealth of process expertise commanded by our team of application engineers we are able to provide our customers with sustained solutions in line with today’s demanding technical and economic expectations.

Clarify the task


We place great emphasis on knowing the objectives of our customers. Application engineering specialists analyse the task in detail. A requirements profile which takes technological and profitability aspects into account is then drawn up together with the customer. When analysing the task, the application engineers use diagnostic equipment such as the TYROLIT Grinding Monitor.

Define the concept


The team of experienced application engineers defines approaches to the solution, calling on the additional input from our specialists from R & D and our in-house test centre as required.

Realise the solution


The process solution is then taken directly to the customer where it is put into practice on the relevant machine. Within the scope of sustained process optimisation the application engineer sets the mode of operation for the grinding tool, the interaction between machine, workpiece, material, cooling lubricant and kinematic setting parameters.

Share the know-how


Our know-how in the field of grinding technology is crucial to successful cooperation. A one-off optimisation is not the solution for the customer. Sustainable success is only achieved by widely applying experiences already gained. Service is also offered to our customers by way of practice-oriented information, data preparation, training and seminars.