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Product news from the areas of digitalisation, automotive, gearing, electronic and tool grinding.

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Modular Assistance System - ToolScope

A milestone for the digitalisation of grinding technology: ToolScope is a comprehensive system solution for machining. The assistance system creates measurable added value for customers through increased process transparency and numerous process optimisation options.

Each machine can be set up with a minimum of effort within a very short time and subsequently allows customers to save costs and time as well as to ensure constant process quality. The ToolScope assistance system has a modular structure, with individual licenses possible for individual applications.


New apps


Adaptive Dressing

Enables to monitor and to adapt the dressing cycle suiting to process related wear state of the grinding tool


Material Removal Monitor

Calculation of the actual removed material via machine internal signals and special algorithms.

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The free Apprasive smartphone app for Android and iPhone has also been extensively expanded

Product Finder

The Product Finder helps you to keep track of all our current catalogue articles. Thanks to its intuitive navigation, you will always find the right tool for your application.

Process Calculator

With the Process Calculator you can conduct calculations for a variety of process-relevant parameters in an interactive and user-friendly way. Additional formulas, guidance values and detailed instructions make the daily use with our tools a lot easier.

Getting Started

The Getting Started function provides extensive knowledge for preparation, assembly and startup of our TYROLIT tools and contains detailed safety instructions for the safe usage of our products.

Trouble Shooting Guide

The Trouble Shooting Guide helps you by providing simple and understandable solutions for known problems and individual applications that can occur with TYROLIT tools during daily usage.

Favorites list

The App user is able to mark his most relevant calculations out of the Process Calculator as favorites.

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TYROLIT is setting new standards for external cylindrical grinding using ceramic CBN with the GENIS 2 N-LW product line.

The extremely low density of the patented core material N-LW delivers significant weight savings. GENIS 2 N-LW tools are lighter and most of all less expensive than comparable tools with a CFRP core. The products can be approved for wheel peripheral speeds of up to 140 m/s.

Significant weight reduction

The extremely low density of the natural fibre core greatly reduces the weight of the grinding wheel compared to other materials. This makes them much easier to handle in production, reduces set-up costs and increases the lifetime of the grinding spindle.

Damping properties

As with CFRP cores, the N-LW technology has damping properties, which means it has a positive influence on the grinding result with respect to waviness, roughness and surface flaws.

Wide range of applications

GENIS 2 N-LW tools are produced individually according to customer requirements. The universally usable N-LW technology is ideally suited to wide grinding wheels in centreless applications as well as to small tools in medical technology.

Approved for 140 m/s

GENIS 2 N-LW tools are approved for wheel peripheral speeds of up to 140 m/s. This makes them suitable for all common grinding applications in the market.

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With the GENIS 2 LW product line, TYROLIT is a pioneer and technology leader in the area of lightweight vitrified-bonded grinding tools.

Through targeted material reduction, the wheel weight has been significantly reduced. The stock removal rate at the core is not random, but is calculated using a computational FEM analysis (Finite Element Method). This means that deformations and potential performance losses can be excluded.

Weight optimisation

Tools determine less wear on spindles and bearings than comparable reference tools. Moreover, significant advantages arise during transport and fitting of the tools. A patent has been applied for with regard to this innovation.

Maximum tool life

GENIS 2 LW tools provide the customary top performance of the proven GENIS product lines. Thanks to the weight reduction, tool life increases are often possible as a side-effect, e.g. due to a reduction in vibration.


GENIS 2 LW tools can be replated problem-free, therefore the slightly higher purchase price of the core can be compensated quickly. Additonally, LW-cores are significantly cheaper than CF-cores (carbon fiber).

Computational FEM simulation

Each lightweight version is optimally designed for the requirements at hand with the aid of a computational FEM simulation. This allows maximum weight reductions to be achieved without sacrificing on performance.

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With the CENTURIA SM-G product line, TYROLIT offers an economical grinding solution for end-face machining of engine blocks and cylinder heads.

The big challenge is achieving a stable surface quality over the entire lifetime of the tool and thereby minimising the scrap rate. Conventional milling tools can cause problems with chip transport as well as surface flaws in the soft aluminium base alloy. With bimetallic blocks, the problem is further exacerbated by the much harder alloy of the cylinder liner. CENTURIA SM-G tools significantly reduce set-up costs due to the elimination of time-consuming assembly work on the milling tool (cutting inserts). They can also be replated multiple times, making them an economical alternative to conventional milling tools.

Stable process

The patented design of the grinding tool guarantees a stable process, which significantly reduces scrap due to surface flaws. Internal cooling as well as cooling slots in the grinding layer ensure an optimum grinding result.


CENTURIA SM-G tools can be used on all common machining centres. The dimensions, weight and mounting (HSK, SK, CAPTO, etc.) can be tailored to the customer's requirements.

Increased quality

Using CENTURIA SM-G tools increases the quality of the end face with respect to microporosity. Smear up the pores optimises the porosity and increases the sealing characteristic of the end face.

Wide range of specifications

In order to achieve an optimum machining result, the specification is tailored to the customer's requirement. Different diamond qualities in grit sizes from 91 μm to 301 μm, specially tailored to aluminium applications, are available for this tool.

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Over 25 years of experience in gear honing make TYROLIT the market and technology leader in this field.

With the addition of the MIRA REX VTEC to the product range, we have succeeded in developing technically optimised and adapted honing wheels for use with the VSD dressing system. The MIRA REX VTEC comes in two designs: the VTEC-20 for standard quality and the VTEC-30 for premium quality.

Reduced wear

Specially developed specifications reduce VSD dresser wear.

Worldwide service

Our competent application technology service is available at short notice and supports the use of MIRA REX VTEC honing wheels worldwide.

Best economic efficiency

The VTEC technology is tailored to the VSD dressing system and delivers maximum profile retention, an improved dressing cycle and very good reproducible quality on the component.

Rapid availability

Honing wheels are kept in stock and then finished individually in line with customer requirements. Delivery time: 2 weeks ex works.

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To better serve the European semiconductor market, TYROLIT established a strategic partnership with the Japanese “Asahi Diamond Group”. The “Asahi Diamond Group” is one of the market leaders in the production of grinding tools for the electronic industry.

The product assortment for surface grinding of wafers allows to reach highest quality surfaces with a significant improved die strength ratio. The composition of optimized diamond uality, special bond system and an unique core design produced with an innovative production technology at Asahi, guarantees lowest grinding forces during the grinding process.

Improved die strength ratio

The combination of a grit size below 1 μ, optimized diamond quality with specific bond system and a special core design, allows to reach extremely high die strength ratios during the wafer production.

Stock range

To ensure rapid availability, TYROLIT offers a comprehensive stock range of standard specifications.

Shorter grinding times

The use of best diamond qualities embedded in a high performance bond system delivers higher stock removal rates and shorter grinding cycles.

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The new STARTEC ICE assortment is dedicated to all HSS precision cutting tool manufacturers.

A new approach to development enables results to be achieved in terms of economic efficiency and "cool" grinding that were previously unheard of. The new specifications cover the flute and relieve grinding on all types of round cutting tools and sets new standards throughout the industry.

Optimized economic efficiency

Longer dressing cycles and short grinding times significantly reduce the manufacturing costs per component.

High stock removal rate

The innovative specification enables high stock removal rates and a good profile retention.

Cool grinding

The use of new grain qualities and the new high strength bond system guarantees particularly cool grinding.