Honing and superfinishing stones

Vitrified and resin-bonded tools for honing and superfinishing

Honing and superfinishing stones are made from conventional abrasives (aluminium oxide and silicon carbide) as standard. However, Tyrolit also produces these tools using superabrasives (diamond and CBN). Honing and superfinishing is used on components with especially high demands concerning the surface finish and geometry. The demands on the honing and superfinishing stones are also correspondingly high. Show more Show less

  • Consistent quality
  • Good stock removal
  • Good surface finish


Elastic-bonded grinding tools for the thermal glass industry

Grinding tools developed in-house for removing the metal layer from insulation glass. Can also be used for various machine systems, including stationary moving top platen machines and hand-held machines.

  • Damping effect
  • Wet and dry grinding
  • Core
  • Self-sharpening


Diamond and CBN grinding tools for medical technology

Tyrolit offers diamond grinding tools in special shapes and dimensions for machining hip joints (ceramic materials) and CBN grinding tools in special honing sleeve designs for machining hip joints of steel and alloys.

  • Long lifetime
  • Minimal support layer height


Elastic for tuning the edges of skis

We developed our resin-bonded ELASTIC grinding tools specifically for machining steel edges. These are used in a cup wheel version for machining the steel edges on the sides of skis.

  • Cool polished section
  • Self-sharpening
  • Core


Elastic for the watchmaking industry

Elastic-bonded grinding and polishing tools for the machining of precision components. These are mainly used for precision mechanics in the watchmaking, spectacle and jewellery industries. Our ELASTIC grinding tools were adapted for diverse applications and are used in the deburring, effect grinding, fine grinding and polishing of precision components.

  • Adaptable (elastic)
  • Wet and dry grinding
  • Large range of grit sizes
  • Bond versions

Elastic metal decorating tools

Elastic grinding wheels for the removal of metallised ceramic components

Elastic grinding tools in resinoid bond.

  • Flexible
  • Long lifetime
  • Self-adhesive foil possible

Grinding tools for the machining of hip joints

Resin and ceramic bonded grinding tools for the machining of steel hip joints.

Machining of steel hip joints in wet grinding using honing sleeves.

  • Suitable for various steel alloys.
  • Long lifetime


Microfinishing film roll for superfinishing rotation-symmetric components

With the FaceTec MF product line, TYROLIT offers a high performance product in the area of belt-superfinishing. The focus is on customers whose surface quality requirements can only be achieved by means of a superfinish machining operation. These requirements relate primarily to the automotive (crankshafts and camshafts) and steel industry (roll grinding). Becausem finishing belongs to the final operations in the value-added chain, process stability is an essential criterion. The high quality standard and the high service level make FaceTec MF to an optimal solution for critical finishing processes. Show more Show less

  • High process stability
  • High economic efficiency
  • Broad product portfolio
  • High service level