Resin-bonded grinding tools for side grinding

With its CENTURIA product line, Tyrolit offers a complete range of conventional, resin-bonded tools for surface grinding. Different face grinding methods are used for rational production of functional surfaces with high requirements relating to evenness, plane parallelism and surface finish. Either both faces are machined simultaneously (double side face grinding), or just one face is machined using single wheels, segments, rings or cups. The components are often manufactured in mass production, which means that there are high requirements with respect to process stability. Show more Show less

  • Constant grinding properties even over a long period of use
  • Cool grinding (no burning)
  • Long service life of the grinding tool

Cool-Cut grinding tools

Flexible elastic grinding tools in resinoid bond

Resin-bonded grinding tools for the grinding, sharpening and polishing of cutting tools, such as scalpels and scissors.

  • Cool grinding
  • Long lifetime

Diamond grinding tool

For machining technical ceramic components

TYROLIT offers a comprehensive range of products for machining ceramic components. These include various application-specific bond systems with optimised performance in conjunction with new diamond qualities.

  • Reduced wheel wear
  • High stock removal rate
  • Low grinding forces

Other tools for automatic casting cleaning

The cost-efficient solution for the foundry industry

TYROLIT offers know-how and application expertise in the use of ring wheels, grinding segments, stable-edge grinding wheels and diamond tools.

  • Clean cutting quality
  • Long lifetime
  • Ultimate product safety
  • Customised solutions