Product news 2018

Product news from the areas of Industry 4.0, automotive, gearing and grinding on universal machine centres

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Modular Assistance System ToolScope

A milestone for the digitalisation of grinding technology: ToolScope is a comprehensive system solution for machining. The assistance system creates measurable added value for customers through increased process transparency and numerous process optimisation options.

Each machine can be set up with a minimum of effort within a very short time and subsequently allows customers to save costs and time as well as to ensure constant process quality. The ToolScope assistance system has a modular structure, with individual licenses possible for individual applications.

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The MIRA ULTRA SF product line has been specifically developed for superfinishing (SF) gears during continuous generating grinding.

The worm grinding wheel is designed as a 2-zone tool with a ceramic zone and a resin zone. The ceramic zone is used for pre-grinding and finish grinding, while the resin zone is used for superfinishing. This innovative tool design meets the high surface requirements of the automotive and transmission industries for polished surfaces on tooth flanks.

Polished tooth flanks

Polished surface structures are achieved on the tooth flanks through superfinishing.

Vs 80 m/s

The worm grinding wheels are approved for a cutting speed of up to Vs = 80 m/s. The 2-part structure in the resin zone guarantees additional safety.

2-zone worm grinding wheel

Innovative resin-bonded zone for superfinishing of tooth flanks in combination with a ceramic zone. The dressing process is unchanged.

Wide variety of specifications

Superfinishing can also be combined with the TYROLIT product lines MIRA and MIRA ICE.

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With the POLARIS LW product line, TYROLIT is a pioneer and technology leader in the area of lightweight electroplated grinding tools.

Through targeted material reduction, the wheel weight has been significantly reduced. The stock removal rate at the core is not random, but is calculated using a computational FEM analysis (Finite Element Method). This means that deformations and potential performance losses can be excluded. Through use of the lightweight POLARIS LW version, the maintenance intervals at the grinding machines can be reduced and handling significantly simplified for personnel in production.

Weight optimisation

Through targeted material reduction at the core, weight reductions of up to 50 percent can be achieved. POLARIS LW tools determine less wear on spindles and bearings than comparable reference tools. Moreover, significant advantages arise during transport and fitting of the tools. 


POLARIS LW tools can be replated problem-free. The slightly higher purchase price is quickly compensated through the replating of existing lightweight cores.

Maximum tool life

POLARIS LW tools provide the customary top performance of the proven POLARIS product lines. Thanks to the weight reduction, tool life increases are often possible as a side-effect, e.g. due to a reduction in vibration.

Computational FEM simulation

Each lightweight version is optimally designed for the requirements at hand with the aid of a computational FEM simulation. This allows maximum weight reductions to be achieved without sacrificing on performance.

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Grinding tools for Universal Machining Centres

The option of carrying out the grinding process on universal machining centres creates the possibility of having a single workpiece setup to prepare the profile and dimensional accuracy with the milling and turning processes and finalise the high-precision profile and surface requirements in the subsequent grind-finishing operation.

Coolant supply for the grinding process is via the tool spindle through the grinding tool itself, or alternatively is directed through the grinding tool holder to the grinding zone. This purpose-built holder facilitates a fast grinding tool change.

Customised grinding tools

For the different quality requirements and performance demands both conventional grinding tools and specifications with superabrasives are available. These grinding tools have been customised for grinding applications on universal machining centres.

Easy coolant supply

Defined specifications facilitate a direct coolant supply through the grinding tool into the grinding process. When deploying the grinding tool holder the coolant flows through the holder to the grinding gap.

High profitability

Integrating grinding tools on turning and milling centres means the specified profile and surface requirements can be accomplished in a single setup.

System solution

The specification of the grinding tools is optimally adjusted to their use with Tyrolit dressing tools.

Fast tool change

Using the grinding tool holder enables an easy and fast changeover of various grinding wheel specifications.