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Reach your goal faster with Cerabond products from TYROLIT

Our self-sharpening ceramic abrasive is among the best that the technology currently has to offer. However, the best grain in the world is only of limited use if the quality of the bond is not as high. This is why TYROLIT developed the Cerabond system!


The technology

Using this technology, we have succeeded in achieving an optimal combination of ceramic grain and bond structure. Thus it is possible to keep the abrasiveness and the lifetime of the cut-off wheel at the highest level. The Cerabond system prevents premature break-out of the grain and thus guarantees the full grinding power of the individual grains.

Before grinding.

With a normal bond it is not possible to thoroughly bind the hard and brittle grain.

The CERABOND technology enables optimal bonding of the ceramic grain.


Shorter work processes

Working times are substantially reduced through improved abrasiveness.

Longer lifetime

The unique bond system prevents the premature break-out of the grain and leads to a long product lifetime.

Enhanced abrasiveness

The self-sharpening ceramic grain in combination with our Cerabond bonding system offers maximum stock removal on the workpiece.

CERABOND X rough grinding wheels
for steel and stainless steel

The combination of ceramic grains and our unique TYROLIT bonding system guarantees continuous aggressiveness with an unmatchable lifetime. CERABOND X stays sharp, making it the best solution for grinding steel and stainless steel in heavy-duty applications.

Whether you’re edge grinding, surface grinding or removing welding seams, CERABOND X will get the job done faster.


  • Fastest grinding thanks to the structure of the ceramic grain used
  • Consistent abrasiveness thanks to the combination of the new bond system and ceramic grain
  • Maximum lifetime and therefore fewer wheel changes for the operator

CERABOND X flap discs
for steel and stainless steel

CERABOND X flap discs impress with both their performance and longevity. They offer 30% more stock removal compared to their predecessors. This has been achieved by using a new ceramic grit in combination with an innovative bond system. CERABOND X flap discs are the ideal solution for demanding applications on diverse types of steel and stainless steel grades..


CERABOND X flap discs are available with a fibre glass or plastic core. The latter has a trimmable shape, which means that the whole disc can be used.

  • Thanks to its ceramic grit and unique bond system, it offers a 30% higher stock removal rate compared to its predecessors
  • Unique bond system prevents premature grain break-out and permits maximum lifetime
  • Trimmable core in the 28N shape means that the entire disc can be used

CERABOND X fibre discs
for steel and stainless steel

The CERABOND X fibre disc is your best choice for fast and convenient working with steel and stainless steel. With CERABOND X you hit your target faster - and this applies to surface grinding, removing welding seams, rust removal and deburring.

The combination of a self-sharpening ceramic grain with our unique bond system guarantees lasting abrasiveness and an unrivalled lifetime.

  • Extremely fast stock removal thanks to a unique grain structure
  • Consistent abrasiveness
  • Cooling layer for maximum lifetime


for steel and stainless steel

The improved belts with self-sharpening ceramic grain offer a high stock removal rate on steel and stainless steel. Thanks to this self-sharpening effect, an even surface quality is achieved over the entire lifetime of the abrasive belts.

Moreover, the composition of the abrasive belt reduces effort for the operator as less pressure is required.

  • Highest possible stock removal thanks to the use of ceramic grain
  • Coolant layer for very cool grinding
  • Self-sharpening grain for constantly good surface result combined with reduced operator workload

CERABOND X cut-off wheels
for steel and stainless steel

The CERABOND X range of cut-off wheels is particularly suitable for optimum machining of extremely hard, demanding workpieces (e.g. hardened steel) and large cross-sections.

  • Shortest cutting times due to the structure of the ceramic grain used
  • Very long lifetime on hard and demanding materials
  • Extremely sharp cut-off wheel enables the user to work very comfortably and with little effort

CERABOND X natural fibre discs

for steel and stainless steel

The natural fibre disc is the best choice for fast and comfortable work on steel and stainless steel. With CERABOND X, you get to your goal faster - both when surface grinding and removing welding seams as well as when removing rust or deburring.

  • Fastest removal thanks to unique grain structure
  • Consistent aggressiveness and durability
  • Highest service lifetime due to cooling layer
  • Environmentally friendly, trimmable core
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For further information download our TYROLIT CERABOND X brochure here