Wall Saw WSE811 MKII

Cutting depths up to 335 mm

The world's lightest wall saw in its performance class! The WSE811 MKII is the worldwide lightest wall saw in its power range! Both installationand dislocation are realized in a glimpse thanks to its integrated design with only one cable and one hose. Combined with the perfected electronic feed control the impressive power of the ultra-compact P2® motor delivers an unmatched cutting performance within the 16A range! Along with the new dedicated blade guard and sturdy and proven tracks the WSE811 MKII makes the dedicated gear for the vast majority of jobs with plenty of spare power. Show more Show less

  • Compact, fully integrated design.
  • Light and sturdy: Tracks and blade guard.
  • Handy radio remote control.

Wall saw WSE1621

Cutting depths up to 705 mm

The WSE1621 was developed for universal usage and the daily use on the construction site. Thanks to the digital features and the compact and light design, this newly developed system is setting new standards in wall sawing. Assembly and disassembly are done in an instant thanks to the ultralight blade guard and the tool-free motor fastening. The radio remote control comes with a display informing the user about all important details during cutting. The game-changing P2® Technology allows for outstanding reliability combined with optimized power. Apart from wall sawing, this wall saw's motor and control unit can moreover also be used for wire sawing and drilling. Show more Show less

  • Tool-free motor fastening.
  • Light and sturdy: Blade guard.
  • Compact and light control unit, handy remote control with display.

Wall saw WSE2226QC

Cutting depths up to 1 005 mm

Exceptional 26 kW output and high reliability thanks to innovative TYROLIT P2® technology. Developed for the toughest and most exacting applications thanks to a cutting depth of up to 1 005 mm, which is unique worldwide, the WSE2226 wall saw is particularly suitable for major cutting tasks. The pioneering P2® drive concept enables the combination of extreme reliability and optimum performance with low service requirements and reduced service costs. The standard remote control enhances ease of use and safety in the workplace. Show more Show less

  • Optimum torque and rotational speeds thanks to the innovative drive concept with 2-speed transmission.
  • Extremely light and robust all-in-one blade guard for normal, corner and flush cutting.
  • Cool water bypass for dry cutting.

Wall saw DZ-S2

Cutting depths up to 510 mm

Popular, proven and economical entry-level model with robust construction and good price-performance ratio. The extremely sturdy and proven design ensures high reliability and cutting accuracy. With the DZ-S2 in conjunction with hydraulic drives with outputs of up to 20 kW, blade diameters of up to maximum 1 200 mm can be used. Show more Show less

  • Robust saw head with standard hydraulic motors.
  • Blade guard for normal and flush cutting.
  • Slide guide with ergonomic locking system and fine adjustment.

Wall saw FZ-4S

Cutting depths up to 1 005 mm

Guaranteed cutting accuracy even when under high load due to robust construction with gear swivel arm. The "work horse" among hydraulic wall saws. Use of the quick-separation flange on the swivel arm provides simple, fast blade replacement and facilitates use in flush cutting applications. With the FZ-4S in conjunction with hydraulic drives with outputs of up to 40 kW, blade diameters of up to maximum 2 200 mm can be used. Show more Show less

  • Main motor with leak-oil connection.
  • Gear swivel arm with quick-separation flange for easy blade replacement.
  • Sliding systems with ergonomic locking system and fine adjustment.