Floor saw FSG513

Cutting depth up to 195 mm

Excellent cutting behaviour from intelligent weight distribution. Thanks to its extremely robust, high-quality chassis, the FSG513 is highly robust and flexible thanks to the left- and right-handed as well as corner flush cutting functions. The reliable Honda petrol engine is equipped with a cyclone air filter. Show more Show less

  • User-friendly cutting depth setting and convenient speed control.
  • Optimised centre of gravity above the shaft.
  • Universal field of application with left and right cutting function.

Floor saw FSG620

Cutting depth up to 230 mm

Convenient operation using hydraulic feed drive. Thanks to its intelligent weight distribution, the FSG620 provides for excellent cutting behaviour and the left- and right-handed cutting function enhances flexibility. Show more Show less

  • Exceptionally easy handling due to neatly arranged control panel.
  • Controlled work thanks to digital operating hours counter and reliable petrol gauge.
  • Blade guard side change in just a few steps.

Floor saw FSE1240

Cutting depth up to 480 mm

High productivity and lifetime due to proven and extremely robust construction. Thanks to intelligent weight distribution, the FSE1240 features excellent cutting behaviour. The hydraulic feed drive and electro-hydraulic cutting depth adjustment ensure convenient and ergonomic operation. Increased flexibility using left- and right-handed cutting function and corner cutting function. Show more Show less

  • Suitable for construction site use, intelligent design with protected electronic components.
  • Constant control and monitoring possibility thanks to precise displays.
  • Easy handling due to logically arranged control panel.

Floor saw FSE1022

Cutting depth up to 420 mm

The robust, powerful floor saw FSE1022 was specially developed for cutting tasks in buildings. The frequency converter enables the continuously variable adjustment of the cutting shaft speed, making it possible to set the optimum cutting speed for every saw blade diameter. The low centre of gravity and precise distribution of weight on the axes ensure stability and excellent directional stability. Show more Show less

  • Particularly compact design
  • Clear and ergonomically arranged control panel

Floor saw FSE808

Cutting depth up to 320 mm

The electric floor saw FSE808 has been specially developed for locations that are difficult to access and allows a quick change from left to right cutting. The electric floor saw FSE808 has been specially developed for locations that are difficult to access and allows a quick change from left to right cutting. The floor saw operates emission-free and low vibration, making it particularly suitable for cutting work on and in buildings. The saw also has a step-less cutting depth adjustment via a threaded spindle with cutting depth indication. The fold-up saw cover allows effortless over-cuts. For easy transport, the floor saw can be dismantled into several handy assemblies. Show more Show less

  • Optimal saw blade shaft speed for maximum productivity
  • Quick and easy to switch from left to right cutting
  • Stable H-shaped dipstick

Floor saw FSD1274E5 3-Speeds

Cutting depth up to 480 mm

Floor saw with powerful and economical, built-in longitudinal 74 PS Kubota turbo diesel engine. The cutting shaft in the oil bath minimises maintenance work and protects the belts from slurry. An automatic On / Off function simplifies handling and reduces cooling water consumption. The hydraulic drive system with no belts or chains to adjust and the hydraulic handle adjustment ensure effortless and time-saving work. Show more Show less

  • Three speeds for ideal rotational speeds and optimised lifetime.
  • Safe repositioning of the saw thanks to neutral position.

Filter press SPP400

Cake volume 2.4 litres

The SPP400 filter press was specially developed for small construction sites and, due to its compact design, is the most mobile and easiest to use filter press on the market. Thanks to its low weight, patented air cushion technology and trolley chassis, one-man operation is no problem. With this filter press, TYROLIT enables concrete and stone slurry to be disposed of in an expert and environmentally friendly way. The recycled water can be discharged into the sewers or reused without problem, and the residues (cakes) in the filter can be disposed of at low cost as building rubble. Show more Show less

  • Clear, user-friendly control panel.
  • Filter unit
  • Suction pump